Mulching and Subsoiling


MulchCo Ltd. provides mulching services that effectively, economically and environmentally dispose of any size of unwanted trees or brush. The units we have range from a skidsteer on rubber tracks to a 500 hp machine. We take extreme pride in our workmanship, therefore your job will be completed as safely and efficiently as possible.


MulchCo Ltd. has Bron, Tigercat and Cat mulching machines. With their low ground pressure and wide tracks, we are able to go most anywhere you need, and we can take down any size of standing tree. We provide land clearing on right of ways for pipelines and electrical lines, for commercial development, agricultural fenceline/pastures or bush clearing, or recreational trails. If you have a treed lot and need a site cleared to build your home, or just anywhere you need trees cleared, we can help. We also do slashing (we carry chainsaws in all machines to take care of danger trees or just brush that’s too close to anything to mulch it) so the trees are entirely cleared from your area.

We are committed to clearing your trees to the best of our ability, and in the most economical way, resulting in the least impact on the environment. Our equipment and operators are of the best in the industry, a team unlike any other, whom we are proud to have working for us.


Subsoiling or rotovating is similar to rototilling. This is a type of head we have for our machines, that goes into the ground up to 18” to further grind up the stumps and root matter remaining after mulching. After this step, your soil is pretty much ready for planting.

Dozer work

D6R Cat Dozer at work  Dozer Work Complete

Using our dozer is another option for anyone wanting to clear trees from specific areas. We piled these trees for a farmer on the already cultivated land with the dozer, then went in with the mulcher and mulched the stumps left, finishing off with the subsoiler to grind up all existing root matter. That next spring he seeded the area where we mulched and subsoiled, leaving the pile of trees to burn in the winter. This is a very cost effective way of doing it. We are always doing our best to figure out new ways of being more efficient for our clients.

This video is a job we did on a logged piece of land. We first went in with the dozer and piled up what we could of branches and stumps that could be burnt. Then we mulched the stumps and came behind with the subsoiler to grind up the remaining root matter. The farmer then disced it; he will have some roots to pick, but its now virtually ready for planting.