About Us

MulchCo Ltd. provides land clearing services for new oil and gas, commercial or residential development, pipeline right of way clearing, seismic, agricultural fenceline/pasture clearing, utilities, and nature trails. Anywhere you have trees to be taken down, we can get the job done. We have mulchers that can take down standing trees with diameters of 24” or more. We also have subsoiling heads that go into the ground up to 18”, like a rototiller, ripping up any remaining root matter. This creates a bed of soil ready for planting. We also have a Cat skidsteer on rubber tracks, with a variety of attachments.

Our team is Randy Dac (Heavy Duty Mechanic, Owner/Operator), our sons Matt Dac (Transportation, Operator), Trent Dac (Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice, Operator), Ian Fleury (Certified Utility Tree Trimmer, Operator), Brett Miller (Operator), Nicholas Zilinski (Operator, Agronomist), and Trevor Krause (Mechanic, Transportation, Operator).

MulchCo Crew

We also do Residential Tree Removal. We have an aerial forestry chipper truck, a stump grinder on tracks, and a chipper that enables our Certified Utility Tree Trimmer and team to tackle any trees you need removed. We process the salvageable trees with our mill.