About Us


MulchCo Ltd. Is a privately owned “Land Clearing Specialists” Company, located in the greater Edmonton, Alberta area. In operation since 2006, MulchCo Ltd. has earned a reputation for uncompromised  quality workmanship, and meticulously maintained equipment to complete land clearing projects.  Our Bron mulchers have low ground pressure and the ability to take down standing trees with diameters of 24” or more. MulchCo Ltd.’s commitment to reducing the impact on our environment is paramount.  When you see our equipment at work, it is clean and ready to work, with little to no downtime. Also unique to MulchCo Ltd. are subsoiling heads. They go up to 18” into the ground, ripping up any remaining root matter and working the mulch into the ground, creating a bed of soil, ready for planting. MulchCo Ltd. provides land clearing for new oil and gas facilities, commercial or residential development, pipeline right of way clearing, seismic line construction, agricultural fenceline/pasture clearing, utilities, and nature trails.